Alyssa Yarbrough

Silicon Valley, Technical Growth Partner

Alyssa is an extraverted and positive individual on our Silicon Valley team. She loves what she does at Quest Groups because it pulls out the best parts of her personality and pushes her outside her comfort zone–where she excels. Alyssa makes every effort to connect with anyone she talks to. She believes that a good relationship is the foundation to helping her clients build out their teams effectively and efficiently. Alyssa is passionate about her loved ones and her dog. When Alyssa isn’t busy helping build out her clients companies, you can find her with her family, her dog, or trying out the nearest new beverage place around her–be it tea, coffee, smoothies, or water. She has to try it all!

  • Four adjectives that describe you: Determined, Adventurous, Persistent, Witty
  • Why do you love what you do at Quest Groups? I believe it pulls out the best parts of my personality while, at the same time, pushing me outside my comfort zone (which is where I like to be).
  • What college did you attend? University of Idaho



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Boston 857 305 2116


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