Danielle Olson

San Francisco, Technical Growth Partner

Danielle is a compassionate and bubbly San Francisco Technical Growth Partner. She loves working at Talentpair because it gives her the opportunity to connect with many different people across multiple industries. There is nothing better or more rewarding to Danielle than watching someone grow in their career and helping guide them towards a path of success… This is exactly why Danielle excels in helping scale high-growth startups with passionate top-tier talent. When Danielle isn’t at her desk, she is either with her friends and family, traveling, or watching her College Football Team–The Huskers.

  • Four adjectives that describe you: Spontaneous, Ambitious Compassionate, and Bubbly.
  • What are you most passionate about? I would say I am passionate about anything that allows me to be creative. Whether it’s painting, cooking, or playing the piano, I have always had a love for activities that allow me to express myself.
  • What college did you attend? University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Bay Area 650 328 4100
New York 212 364 0035

Austin 512 583 5586
Boston 857 305 2116


Boise 208 388 3534
Denver 720 744 4132

Seattle 650 328 4100
Salt Lake 650 328 4100