Josef Herold

Silicon Valley Product and Marketing Growth Partner

Originally from Central Valley California, Josef comes to us with a competitive and resilient outlook on life. Having the drive to find the perfect candidate has Josef headed straight to the top. He loves helping change the scope of someone’s life through career advancement one client at a time. When he isn’t busy changing peoples lives, he enjoys doing anything that involves being outside including a good round of golf with some of his closest friends.


  • Four adjectives that describe you: Competitive, Resilient, Curious, Relateable
  • Why do you love what you do at Quest Groups? I love the opportunity to engage and develop mutually beneficial relationships with companies that are on the cutting edge of business development and the talent that drives them to the next level. 
  • What college did you attend? Boise State University

Bay Area 650 328 4100
New York 212 364 0035

Austin 512 583 5586
Boston 857 305 2116


Boise 208 388 3534
Denver 720 744 4132

Seattle 650 328 4100
Salt Lake 650 328 4100