Phil Hines

New Market, Technical Talent Partner

Phil is a family man who loves being a leader both in the office and as a youth baseball coach in the community.  During his 9 year tenure at Quest Groups, Phil has built an impressive rolodex of candidates and companies in data science, cleantech, and biotech on the east coast. Phil loves working with startups to help them scale faster with his fearless attitude and deep relationships within the highly technical and in-demand candidates.

  • Four adjectives that describe you: Friendly, Funny, Fearless, Family Man
  • Why do you love what you do at Quest Groups? Unlimited growth potential and fantastic people.
  • What college did you attend? Liberty University

Bay Area 650 328 4100
New York 845 826 9055

Austin 512 583 5586
Boston 650 328 4100

Boise 208 388 3534
Denver 650 328 4100

Seattle 650 328 4100
Salt Lake 650 328 4100