Quest Groups is a recruitment agency with over two-hundred years of experience that leverages technology to build tech companies and startups.

With our extensive industry knowledge, network of relationships, and advanced IA platform, Talentpair; we are the solution for scaling venture capital investments, startup growth and candidate careers.



You need the best talent to make your early-stage startup a high growth organization.

Companies turn to Quest Groups when they need a perfect pair for their next hire.


Great Venture Capitalists know the most important part of a startup is the team.

Our technology in combination with expert Growth Partners finds the right candidates for growing companies.


Our platform finds the best job matches for candidates based on experience and culture.

Instead of searching for jobs, Growth Partners bring you jobs you’re actually interested in. And the best part is: it’s free.



Founded in 2001, Quest Groups is dedicated to helping candidates grow their careers and companies grow their teams. From San Francisco to New York City, our relationships, extensive network & roots in technology bring value to companies, candidates, and Venture Capitalists alike.



Our Growth Partners are our Greatest Asset

An organization’s greatest resource is its employees. We utilize a team-based approach to ensure you get the best talent for your organization. Instead of working with a single recruiter, companies and candidates benefit by working with a team of specialized Growth Partners.

Team Based Recruiting

The Power of Relationships

Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed strong relationships with the most innovative and successful venture capital firms in the US. Our human capital relationships put us in the best position to connect VC portfolio companies with the highest tier of candidates, whether they’re on or off the market.


Leveraging the power of Intelligence Augmentation (IA), our Growth Partners combine their expertise with the machine learning prowess of our state of the art recruitment platform, Talentpair.

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