We build startups that scale with world-class talent.

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Emerging Technology Startup Specialists

Founded in 2001 by Joe Kosakowski, Quest Groups is a valued partner of venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, helping hundreds of startups scale in Austin, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and Boise. Over the past 18 years, we’ve developed strong relationships with our partners.

Quest Groups is now powered by Talentpair, an omnichannel recruiting platform developed in house. We know that hiring the right talent is a full contact sport and we are here to help our partners win it. We’re redefining how candidates, high growth startups, recruiters and technology team up to reinvent the process for everyone involved, helping candidates get the right job and companies hire the right people at the right time, ensuring the best experience for all.

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In order to make your early-stage company a high-growth company, you need to have the best talent on your team. When your company needs the perfect candidate to propel your growth, look to Quest Groups for talent solutions.

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A good venture capitalist knows that it takes more than funding to build a strong portfolio, it also takes top talent. We know how to find the talented individuals to provide growth.

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Sometimes a change of scenery is the secret ingredient to igniting your career. If you have a winning attitude, strive to be the best, and have the tools and skills required for success, you’re precisely the type of professional we love to work with.


Our teams tap into the power of artificial intelligence of our Talentpair platform. Talentpair is a state of the art recruiting tool for connecting startups and talent faster. This approach modernizes the recruiting process for startups ready to scale while also connecting candidates to better tech jobs.

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