What are Companies Looking For?

What are Companies Looking for Today?


What qualities does a company look for in a candidate? Here at Quest Groups we have a unique insight into this question. Every company/startup has different requirements and necessities.

Companies generally look at a candidate’s educational background and previous work experience. In the startup community this information is essential. Employers must be confident that a candidate knows what they are doing and has experience doing it. Employers also look at the longevity of each position a candidate has held and whether they are familiar with the startup community. A company needs to be able to count on a candidate to be there to help it grow and succeed. These companies also look at every candidate’s skillset. They look to see what extra skills a candidate has that can be of some value to the company.

Companies also take into consideration a candidate’s work ethic and how eager they are to work with their product/service. They look at the culture of their company and decide whether it would be a good fit with each personality. A candidate must possess excellent communication and be a team player. These are not all the qualities a company looks for in a candidate, but they are some of the most important.



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