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Hiring is a critical component for your company’s success. The difference between your company scaling and stalling is the expertise of your team. For younger companies even, a single bad hire can jeopardize the business.

At Quest Groups, we connect the best talent with the most attractive companies.

The companies and the VC firms we represent have both the knowledge and experience required to succeed. Our top-tier candidates have the unique background and expertise needed to help those companies grow. We use our industry relationships and experience in evaluating talent to connect and scale: the candidate’s career; the company’s talent base; and the VC firm’s investments.

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Over the last 18 years, we’ve developed strong relationships with the most innovative and successful venture capital firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because these VCs back some of the hottest companies, our relationships put us in the best position to connect them with the highest tier of candidates, whether they’re on or off the market.

What does that mean for you?

Whether you’re a talented industry professional, a growing start-up, or a venture capitalist, we can empower you to reach your business/professional goals by providing you access to the established relationships we’ve formed over the years.

Each vertical we serve has a dedicated team of Quest Groups recruiters. Instead of working with one candidate or one company at a time, our teams have as many as eight recruiters focusing on a single client and filling open positions with the right candidates as efficiently as possible.

Team Based Recruiting



Quest Groups was founded in 2001 by Joe Kosakowski with one goal in mind; to share his motivation for success by ensuring the success of our startup clients, our candidates and ourselves. We have a total of 32 recruiters working to build, maintain and ensure everyone’s interests. We bring 177 years of relationship building experience to the tech startup sector.

Over the last 18 years we have built lasting relationships and have branched out to: San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Texas and Boise. We plan to tap into the startup scene in Denver and Seattle in the coming year. With our focus in the tech sector we have nine teams that concentrate in these different locations. This includes: Product, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Finance, Accounting etc.

Everyone here enjoys their job and we have a unique company culture. The energy and attitude of our firm is infectious and creates a unique and fun work environment.


We are always looking for talented people to join our ever-growing team. Interested?


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  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Community
  • Display Advertising Technology
  • Product & Marketing
  • Mobile/Wireless
  • Communications
  • Sales
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Payments/E-commerce
  • Infrastructure

Bay Area 650 328 4100
New York 212 364 0035

Austin 512 583 5586
Boston 857 305 2116


Boise 208 388 3534
Denver 720 744 4132

Seattle 650 328 4100
Salt Lake 650 328 4100